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Welcome To Nigeria - Slovakia Chamber of Commerce!

The Nigerian-Slovakia Chamber of Commerce is the foremost bilateral Chamber of Commerce in Nigeria. Our membership base range from the small and medium enterprises to large scale multinational corporations and government agencies. We organize workshops, business luncheons, seminars, trade fairs, trade mission, members' evening and other such activities that aid trade and investment.

The Nigerian-Slovakia Chamber of Commerce was founded in 2017 in Lagos: an outcome of a discussion two years earlier, by the founding members.


We promote and protect the interests of our members and the business community at large through public policy advocacy.


We research seriously in other to serve the information need of our members across different sectors.


The Chamber offers training & consulting to businesses, thus making them competitive both locally and internationally.


Programs enables individuals to develop ideas on how to improve their processes as well as solve problems facing their businesses.

Our Strategic Direction

Our key objective is to make the Chamber more accessible to local businesses and increasing membership is a priority in our future plans. We continually strive to improve the level of service we offer and to make our members feel that they are part of a proactive business organization.

Our purpose is to lead the private sector in the delivery of sustainable growth and prosperity of commercial activities and businesses in the Nigeria and Slovakia. The principal aim of the Chamber is to promote and protect trade, business, commerce and public welfare in the Nigeria as well ensuring that our members respect the rule of law and apply best commercial practices in all aspects of the businesses.


  • Providing a forum on an organized basis in which Slovakia business organizations in Nigeria can discuss and identify common issues and interests regarding their economic and commercial interests in Nigeria.
  • Providing opportunities to the members to represent and express their views and opinions, especially regarding trade, commerce, finance, services, industry, agriculture and related issues and to seek to understand and give effect to such opinions to the extent considered desirable and possible.
  • Maintaining an influential and active Board of Directors and a range of sectoral Committees to implement the primary objective.
  • Undertake advocacy on policies and procedures affecting member's operations in specific sectors as well as affecting the growth of foreign investment in Nigeria. 

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